Writing a Sample letter of Application

sample-lettersWhen you decide to apply for a job, you could include a letter of application with your CV.

Your application letter gives you a chance to highlight your best experiences and qualifications, increasing your chances for being called for an interview and enhancing your resume. When writing your  letter of application remember to include specific examples and specify the requirements of the position that you are applying for. Here below a simple version for a sample letter of application :

2015 News: Finance, economy, technology and sport forecasts

What 2015 will look like? The optimism in America stood in stark contrast to gloom elsewhere, as it does today. Japan’s economy had slipped into deflation in 1997. Germany was “the sick man of Europe”, its firms held back by rigid labour markets and other high costs. Emerging markets, having soared ahead, were in crisis: between 1997 and 1999 countries from Thailand to Brazil saw their currencies crash as foreign capital fled and dollar-denominated debts proved unpayable (see also: Finance , Taxes and Technology in 2015).

Whatsapp basics: how to install and use the most famous Instant messaging software

By now everyone knows WhatsApp. Well, almost everyone has heard about it, many have it installed on a smartphone but not many people know how to exploit the potential at 100%.

What does an Infinity Ring mean ?

Many people wonder what is the true meaning of an Infinity ring. Especially if has been bought for some special occasion like a wedding, an anniversary or as an unexpected gift for a friend. Usually the Infinity Ring should symbolize something which will last forever or, in simpler terms, an “everlasting” relationship.

Masters degree in political science


Getting a masters degree in political science is not something that a lot of people can do. It requires a very good high school resume as well as some good recommendations. On top of just getting a foot in the door, the professors will require a lot out of a person studying for this degree.

Senate signs bipartisan deal preventing student loan interest hikes

3857562747_d1cb97008d_zIt should come as no surprise that the US Senate at the last minute passed legislation preventing student loan interest rates from doubling this upcoming fall. In a bipartisan deal that keeps interest rates on student loans at bay temporarily. College affordability and improving access to higher education has been a hallmark initiative of the Obama Administration. With keeping interest rates low, more and more students – especially those who come from underprivileged backgrounds, will be able to afford higher education and receive the right training to prepare them for their dream career.

Outlet Shopping in Italy

Recently we went for a trip to visit some of the best Italian outlet mall last Sunday to buy new nike products. The five biggest outlet shopping mall in Italy are:

  • Outlet Serravalle
  • Outlet Village
  • Outlet Valmontone
  • Outlet Franciacorta
  • Outlet Vicolungo

Those big malls are usually placed close to the biggest highways so you can easily reach them. Eventually we chose to go to Milan because of the many outlet factories you can find (close to each other) and because they are all high end.

An active man….

Scott Reiman is a 1987 graduate of the University of Denver with a BSBA degree in finance. Since that time he has lived in Denver with his wife and two sons for the past 21 years. His wife is a successful business woman in the real estate profession.He has been the director for Pioneer Natural Resources Company, and is currently the director for the Prospect Global Resources, Inc.Additionally, as the founder of Hexagon Investments financial consultant company, he has been the president since its inception in 1992. This private corporation is categorized under the classification of Land Subdividers and Developers, Residential. The investment company is privately held, and the firm is operated as a family-type office. Their focus is securities that are marketable, private equity, real estate, venture capital, oil and gas.This man is also very involved in his community. He spent four and a half years working in the Big Brother Program in Denver. He enjoys being a member of the Mayor’s Financial Task Force for Denver. In addition, he has served on a variety of other civic boards. For instance, he is a current member on the Board of Trustees of the University of Denver, Ace Scholarships, Denver Art Museum, the American Transplant Foundation, and Denver Dumb Friends.This active man enjoys a number of activities as well, such as playing golf, tennis, hiking, traveling, playing snooker and simply reading a good book.

How to use Mailing lists to market your products online

The Email is the easiest and cheapest way to communicate worldwide between people. At the beginning of the “Email Marketing Era” the term database marketing wasn’t very common.

After a few years, probably around 2002, many companies felt the urgent need to find and contact new customers by using the email. That was the real begin of the email marketing epoch and the importance of collecting mailing list databases for future contacts.

How important is to have a good on-line reputation?

Life today is filled with and heavily dependent on the Internet. Anyone from old friends to family to employers all have reasons to find an individual via the World Wide Web. With the demand for a positive social status online, an individual must be sure to be wary of what is being posted on the Internet. When an argument unfolds on a social networking site, an individual might feel that the best way to convey their point is to break into an argumentative dispute or hurl insults at the opposite party. Even though unleashing the temporary anger may give the feeling of success and pride, the nature of the messages can tarnish an individual’s online reputation.
One thing is very important to remember: whether someone knows it or not, everything posted online will remain there for the rest of eternity. There is no going back after a regretful message has been posted on the Internet.