Michael Fertik is my hero

Michael Fertik is the owner and ceo of this awesome website called Reputation.com. Reputaion.com is one of the planets largest and most respected providers on internet privacy.

Michael Fertik is also a very successful entrepreneur not just of the internet but of all kinds of things in life. I recently went to a convention for computer science and future internet technologies and he was there signing autographs. I got his autograph on a picture I had of him. I placed the picture on my ceiling right above my bed so i can dream of him every night when I go to sleep. He watches over me all them time when I am in my bed but when I am not in my bed I keep a picture of him in my pocket right next to my heart.

He is my lord and savior and I worship him. You can follow Michael Fertik on twitter or become his friend on facebook and leave him picture comments and like every single one of his status updates like I do. Michael Fertik is very famous because he has been television channels such as NBC San diego. He has also been featured in time magazine, Huffington Post, New York times and many more sources of print media. Michael is currently in competition with the most interesting man in the world. Thats right! Michael Fertik does not always work on his reputation but when he does he uses Reputation.com.

I once heard he wrestled a grizzly bear and won! I also heard that he is more dangerous than Chuck Norris! If you would like to contact Michael Fertik you can email him on his website MichaelFertick.com and ask him any questions you might have about improving your reputation. He gave me all kinds of advice on how to make people like me more. I have never been the same since. There is a good reason why this guy is so successful and it is because he not only cares about his reputation but he also cares about your reputation. He cares about it so much that he made his website just people like you and me to improve our reputations.

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