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2015 News: Finance, economy, technology and sport forecasts

What 2015 will look like? The optimism in America stood in stark contrast to gloom elsewhere, as it does today. Japan’s economy had slipped into deflation in 1997. Germany was “the sick man of Europe”, its firms held back by rigid labour markets and other high costs. Emerging markets, having soared ahead, were in crisis: between 1997 and 1999 countries from Thailand to Brazil saw their currencies crash as foreign capital fled and dollar-denominated debts proved unpayable (see also: Finance , Taxes and Technology in 2015).

Free Printable Calendars for 2012

Custom Moleskine Planner & iPod touchFree Printable Calendars: Would you like to be able to print off your 2012 calendar from home? How about having a monthly calendar to hang on your wall or fridge and made especially for you? You can with free monthly printable calendars that you can get online. They are easy to find and make for all your needs. You can get them blank or personalized for each member of your family. If you lead a busy life you will want to have everything you need in one easy to get to place.