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Writing a Sample letter of Application

sample-lettersWhen you decide to apply for a job, you could include a letter of application with your CV.

Your application letter gives you a chance to highlight your best experiences and qualifications, increasing your chances for being called for an interview and enhancing your resume. When writing your  letter of application remember to include specific examples and specify the requirements of the position that you are applying for. Here below a simple version for a sample letter of application :

Outlet Shopping in Italy

Recently we went for a trip to visit some of the best Italian outlet mall last Sunday to buy new nike products. The five biggest outlet shopping mall in Italy are:

Those big malls are usually placed close to the biggest highways so you can easily reach them. Eventually we chose to go to Milan because of the many outlet factories you can find (close to each other) and because they are all high end.

Business Credit Card – Best and New Small Business Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Credit card of futureSmall business credit cards: Cash flow is one of the major concerns of any small business owner and business credit cards seem to be the ready solution to this problem. If you are trying to get a small business credit card then there are several available in the market. Mastercard and Visa offer four choices of small business credit cards, whereas American Express has eight choices. You can even choose from hundreds of partner banks. Small business owners do not really need business credit cards to operate smoothly, but these cards come in handy. Actual need is the factor on which your choice of credit cards will depend, as there are numerous options. These credit cards can be a blessing, but there are chances that you may not necessarily need them. Credit cards for a small business can be the practical means of making purchases on a large scale, provided the credit limit of a particular business owner can accommodate the amount. These cards can also offer an effective financial transaction tracking system. Several small business credit cards come with software that can record deals and purchases, even those that are made by your employees.