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Writing a Sample letter of Application

sample-lettersWhen you decide to apply for a job, you could include a letter of application with your CV.

Your application letter gives you a chance to highlight your best experiences and qualifications, increasing your chances for being called for an interview and enhancing your resume. When writing your  letter of application remember to include specific examples and specify the requirements of the position that you are applying for. Here below a simple version for a sample letter of application :

Whatsapp basics: how to install and use the most famous Instant messaging software

By now everyone knows WhatsApp. Well, almost everyone has heard about it, many have it installed on a smartphone but not many people know how to exploit the potential at 100%.

Masters degree in political science


Getting a masters degree in political science is not something that a lot of people can do. It requires a very good high school resume as well as some good recommendations. On top of just getting a foot in the door, the professors will require a lot out of a person studying for this degree.

Senate signs bipartisan deal preventing student loan interest hikes

3857562747_d1cb97008d_zIt should come as no surprise that the US Senate at the last minute passed legislation preventing student loan interest rates from doubling this upcoming fall. In a bipartisan deal that keeps interest rates on student loans at bay temporarily. College affordability and improving access to higher education has been a hallmark initiative of the Obama Administration. With keeping interest rates low, more and more students – especially those who come from underprivileged backgrounds, will be able to afford higher education and receive the right training to prepare them for their dream career.

Reunite with old classmates with, previously called, is a popular networking site based in the US where you can get reconnected with your old classmates. Through this site, I was able to find long-lost friends from high school whom I have long been looking for.  You see, I left my hometown when I went to college and haven’t gone back since, and it has been 10 years after my college graduation.
The networking site, ranked A- by the BBB, was established by Jeffrey Tinsley in 2002.

Hawaiian Dress – Prints, Style and Plus Size of Hawaiian Dresses and Wedding Dress

Hibiscus Tropical Flowers on a distress grunge background.Hawaiian dress – Aloha: The Polynesians discovered Hawaii and they brought with them clothes made out of tapa bark from the mulberry plant. To give color to the garments, they dyed them with the help of pigments from plants they found in the surroundings. Beautiful hued bird’s feathers were also used to add color and design to the clothes. Later, traders from Europe and America introduced colored and printed cotton cloth with a few designs in the 1800s. As the years went by, pineapple and sugarcane plantations began to develop in Hawaii. The workers in these plantations wore cotton palaka shirts, which has criss-cross checkered looking patterns with straight cut bottoms. Variations of the color of this print began to grow. In the 1920s and 1930s, when the tourism industry was just starting in Hawaii, a tailor named Ellery Chun put together a shirt with flower prints on a bright colored background, and became the originator of Aloha shirts. The industry of Aloha print in Hawaiian dress was born with increasing designs and colors being turned out. By 1940, Alohawear was a well established industry, and began to grow over the years, with a steady demand. Today, Alohawear is made of a wide range of materials, with cotton being the most popular, followed by silk and synthetics like rayon and polyester. The most popular Aloha print designs in the Hawaiian dress depict Hawaiian scenes and tropical flowers.