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Writing a Sample letter of Application

sample-lettersWhen you decide to apply for a job, you could include a letter of application with your CV.

Your application letter gives you a chance to highlight your best experiences and qualifications, increasing your chances for being called for an interview and enhancing your resume. When writing your  letter of application remember to include specific examples and specify the requirements of the position that you are applying for. Here below a simple version for a sample letter of application :

Whatsapp basics: how to install and use the most famous Instant messaging software

By now everyone knows WhatsApp. Well, almost everyone has heard about it, many have it installed on a smartphone but not many people know how to exploit the potential at 100%.

How to use Mailing lists to market your products online

The Email is the easiest and cheapest way to communicate worldwide between people. At the beginning of the “Email Marketing Era” the term database marketing wasn’t very common.

After a few years, probably around 2002, many companies felt the urgent need to find and contact new customers by using the email. That was the real begin of the email marketing epoch and the importance of collecting mailing list databases for future contacts.