Hawaiian Dress – Prints, Style and Plus Size of Hawaiian Dresses and Wedding Dress

Hibiscus Tropical Flowers on a distress grunge background.Hawaiian dress – Aloha: The Polynesians discovered Hawaii and they brought with them clothes made out of tapa bark from the mulberry plant. To give color to the garments, they dyed them with the help of pigments from plants they found in the surroundings. Beautiful hued bird’s feathers were also used to add color and design to the clothes. Later, traders from Europe and America introduced colored and printed cotton cloth with a few designs in the 1800s. As the years went by, pineapple and sugarcane plantations began to develop in Hawaii. The workers in these plantations wore cotton palaka shirts, which has criss-cross checkered looking patterns with straight cut bottoms. Variations of the color of this print began to grow. In the 1920s and 1930s, when the tourism industry was just starting in Hawaii, a tailor named Ellery Chun put together a shirt with flower prints on a bright colored background, and became the originator of Aloha shirts. The industry of Aloha print in Hawaiian dress was born with increasing designs and colors being turned out. By 1940, Alohawear was a well established industry, and began to grow over the years, with a steady demand. Today, Alohawear is made of a wide range of materials, with cotton being the most popular, followed by silk and synthetics like rayon and polyester. The most popular Aloha print designs in the Hawaiian dress depict Hawaiian scenes and tropical flowers.

Hawaiian wedding dress: Hawaiian weddings are usually held outdoors. It can either take place on a sailing boat off beautiful Waikiki, in a tropical garden or on the beach. There are church weddings in Hawaii as well. The Hawaiian wedding dress for a bride is a long, white formal version of the muumuu, which is called a ‘holoku’. The holoku is a seamed, loose fitted dress with a yoke, and usually comes with a train that is patterned after the Mother Hubbards of the missionaries. The word ‘holoku’ is Hawaiian for mantle or cloak. This Hawaiian style wedding dress is usually made out of silk, white satin or cotton. The bridesmaid’s dresses are in bright colors like yellow, blue and green, and are usually without a train. An island flower garland called ‘haku lei’ is worn around the head instead of a veil, and the bouquet consists of white orchid sprays. The attire for the groom consists of white pants and a white, long sleeved shirt. A long, colored sash is wrapped around the groom’s waist, which is usually red in color. The bride and groom exchange wedding bands that bear the couple’s names in Hawaiian.

Hawaiian plus size dress: There are several stores in Hawaii that specialize in plus size Hawaiian apparel and dresses. Wedding gowns, evening dresses, beachwear, prom dresses, knit tops, camp shirts, tank tops and Hawaiian t-shirts in plus size are available for women and teenage girls. Big size Hawaiian shirts, shorts and t-shirts for men are also available in the market.

Hawaiian dress style for women: Hawaiian dresses for women come in various styles. The sarong, long and short tank dresses, Hawaiian blouses and sundresses are some of the most popular dress styles for women in Hawaii. Aloha dresses are considered to be perfect for parties and festivals like the Hawaiian luau. They are made in comfortable cotton for the heated dance floor. So the next time you want to dress up in the inimitable island way, you can choose from a wide variety of Hawaiian style dresses available in the stores.

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