Reunite with old classmates with, previously called, is a popular networking site based in the US where you can get reconnected with your old classmates. Through this site, I was able to find long-lost friends from high school whom I have long been looking for.  You see, I left my hometown when I went to college and haven’t gone back since, and it has been 10 years after my college graduation.
The networking site, ranked A- by the BBB, was established by Jeffrey Tinsley in 2002.

That was after he met his wife at a high school reunion. He envisioned a forum where old schoolmates, relatives, and loved ones can reconnect despite the gap that years and distance have created between them.  It is currently the 7th largest US-based social network with 10.8 million weekly visits. has a lot of useful features including search buttons and a list of all schools in every US state and in Canada.  You can browse through names of past and present students that may belong to people you know.  I was able to locate some of my former classmates this way.  Once you become a member, you will be notified by email once another user or a visitor searches for your name.

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