Whatsapp basics: how to install and use the most famous Instant messaging software

By now everyone knows WhatsApp. Well, almost everyone has heard about it, many have it installed on a smartphone but not many people know how to exploit the potential at 100%.

Let’s start by saying that WhatsApp Messenger is, basically, an instant messaging system that works on all major mobile platforms (from Android to iOS, via Windows Phone and BlackBerry) and independently of the operating system allows everyone to exchange text messages , photos, video and voice messages using your phone number as the identifier.  It works both with Wi-Fi connections and data network 3G / LTE but is not officially available either on PC or on tablets a part from following some specific step as explained here.

To understand how it works WhatsApp under the technical point of view, it must be said that the application uses a custom XMPP server with proprietary extensions. XMPP is a set of open protocols instant messaging based on XML, which is broadcast on thousands of servers spread on the Internet. WhatsApp messages are sent by the client (ie. the application that the user has installed on their smartphones) to the server, which shall send a “signal” to confirm that the app is reported as a single user, with a green check, and then to deliver the message to the recipient (as soon as the client of the latter is active). When the message arrives at the destination, the server sends a second confirmation of the sender application by displaying the coveted icon with the two green check marks.

As mentioned earlier, the authentication of users of WhatsApp is via their phone number, which is associated with a password automatically generated by the system. After installing the app on your smartphone, in fact, the first step that you have to do is provide your mobile phone number and wait for the system to authenticate the account. In some cases, the process is automatic but you have to manually type the verification code that you receive via SMS. However, the process to install Whatsapp on a Pc is a bit different. If you want to know more watch this video with detailed steps on how to download, install and use it on a computer (pc or mac).


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