How to use Mailing lists to market your products online

The Email is the easiest and cheapest way to communicate worldwide between people. At the beginning of the “Email Marketing Era” the term database marketing wasn’t very common.

After a few years, probably around 2002, many companies felt the urgent need to find and contact new customers by using the email. That was the real begin of the email marketing epoch and the importance of collecting mailing list databases for future contacts.

Usually when a company have an email database try to build a good relation with his customers, by sending email messages with useful information, special discounts or general updates about their products and services. But how do you collect emails online?

There are different options. One of them is by using some special software which automate this task, by collecting the urls of specified websites related to a specific niche or business, generally performing a query on some of the most important search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Then, the software try to load different web pages / urls and to find and grab any email found on the websites. This option however, which is quite easy and cheap to perform for an experienced webmaster, can be dangerous because the quality of email collected is usually not very good.

So, a good alternative to this automated software programs, is to find some reliable email marketing companies which build, collect and sell high quality and high-filtered email database lists. One of them is “Special Databases” which offers many email list databases at a good price. For more information and instructions on how to buy and use these email databases you can visit the website.

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