What does an Infinity Ring mean ?

Many people wonder what is the true meaning of an Infinity ring. Especially if has been bought for some special occasion like a wedding, an anniversary or as an unexpected gift for a friend. Usually the Infinity Ring should symbolize something which will last forever or, in simpler terms, an “everlasting” relationship.

But if you look at the “8” shape of Infinity Rings you could say that it also means “continuity”, something that will go on and on for eternity. Usually infinity rings must be worn on the 4th finger of the left or right hand (there is no special meaning on that, apart from wedding rings). Infinity rings with Diamond usually mean special fidelity, loyalty and devotion or, if not for partners, they can also be used as a gift to friend with the obvious meaning of eternal friendship. Anniversary rings can also contain gemstones all around the band or be made of expensive metals like platinum or white gold.

So, are you still wondering what kind of a infinity ring to buy for your soul mate? Unfortunately, it all depends from the price and the budget you have. Probably, one of the most significative (but also expensive) infinity ring has 1 or more diamonds in it. Sure, it can cost a lot, but it also gives a special meaning to your gift. Otherwise, Iif you are low on budget, you can also consider buying a sterling Silver Infinity Ring (ike the one presented in the video above). Your soul mate will be still impressed !

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